Welcome to my collection of MIDI files!

Airwolf - (Theme song from the television program)
All That She Wants - (Ace of Base)
Bette Davis Eyes
Beverly Hills 90210 - (Theme song from the television show)
Breakfast at Tiffany's - (Deep Blue Something)
Cheers - (Theme song from the television show)
Don't Speak - (No Doubt)
Eternal Flame - (The Bangles)
Help from my Friends - (The Beatles)
Hill Street Blues - (Theme song)
I Can Fly - (R. Kelly)
Naked Gun - (Theme song from the movie)
November Rain - (Guns'n Roses)
Stairway to Heaven - (Led Zepplin)
Summer of '69 - (Bryan Adams)
Till I Hear it from You - (Gin Blossoms)
speaker.gif (1659 bytes) Under the Sea - (The Little Mermaid)
We Built This City - (Starship)

*If you have any MID files that you would like to see on my page, just e-mail me and let me know.*

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