Hey everyone, sorry I haven't updated this site in so long.  I'm going to try to update if more often now.  I am now 32 years old and have been married for almost 9 years now.  My wife Jennifer and I have two children now.  The oldest is Rachel Jessica and the youngest is Benjamin Isaac.  Rachel was born on April 8, 2003 and Benjamin was born on December 3, 2004.  I will hopefully have a family photo album page up and running soon.  I graduated from Harrison High School in Farmington Hills, MI. I attended college, and graduated from the Network Information Management program at Texas State Technical College, or otherwise known as TSTC in Harlingen, TX.

My hobbies include: Inline Skating, Flying, Bungee Jumping, Cooking, Traveling, Wheel of Fortune, & last but not least Sandra Bullock!

I work and spend many vacations down on South Padre Island, TX. when I'm not in Michigan.

Amongst my other traveling excursions, I have found myself in Sydney, Australia twice and outer areas of Australia. I have also found myself in Auckland, New Zealand as well as Cambridge, New Zealand.  I have also found myself in Israel traveling all over the country.  It was probably one of the best trips I've been on besides New Zealand. One of these years I am planning on getting to Paris (no not Paris, TX!) so I can go to the top of the Eiffel Tower, and hear the cool police car sirens.

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